The human brain is capable of so many amazing things and with the right tools and strategies, 任何人都可以学习如何提高他们的学术技能, 理解和记住更多的信息, 增加他们的知识基础. Westminster’s 学术支持 Program is designed to help students improve their memory, 提高他们的阅读理解能力, 成为自己的拥护者,获得自信. It teaches students cutting-edge learning techniques that will help them in high school, 在大学及以后.  
作为威斯敏斯特的学习专家, 凯利 柯蒂斯 and 玛雅 Leete teach effective study skills through individualized and group instruction. 一些经验教训和策略包括:

  • 组织
  • 时间管理 
  • 人类的大脑
  • 设定和实现目标 
  • 态度的重要性
  • 心态
  • 自我激励
  • 灵活性 
  • 建立勇气 
  • 任务初始化
  • 成功的做笔记
  • 应试策略
  • 批判性思维能力
  • 注意力和工作记忆
  • 大脑健康与锻炼
  • 减轻焦虑和压力
凯利是学习支持服务部的主任, oversees the accommodations for Westminster and also teaches Global History and Society. 她得了B.S. in education at Plymouth State University with a concentration in special education and reading. 凯利还接受过奥顿·吉林厄姆阅读法的培训. Orton-Gillingham is a structured literacy program that helps students who struggle with reading, 听觉处理和/或其他学习差异. 凯利 is currently enrolled in a Master of Science in Special Education at Saint Joseph’s University with a concentration in social, 情感, 行为健康. 

玛雅 is a 学习专业 who studied Psychology and Hispanic studies at the University of Tennessee. She also teaches Algebra I and specializes in teaching students effective STEM learning skills. She is the dorm head of 校友 House and the head coach of the Thirds girls’ field hockey and lacrosse teams. 玛雅 is currently enrolled in a Master of Science in Special Education program at Purdue University with a concentration in Mild Intervention.
学生们不需要一个教育计划来和老师一起工作. 柯蒂斯或Ms. Leete. 每个学生都能从学习教育技能中受益.



  • What is the purpose of the 学术支持 Program at Westminster?

    ASP旨在教授组织工作的策略, 管理时间, and improving study skills using effective learning strategies. 学习专业s meet with students individually or in small groups. ASP是过渡性的,而不是补救性的. While our 学习专业s are a valuable resource for students, we expect students to develop skills over time and work independently.
  • 谁有资格获得学术支持计划?

    All of our students have access to the ASP office with appointments.
  • How many times a week may a student visit the ASP, and how long are the sessions?

    On average, our 学习专业s meet with students once a week for approximately 20 minutes.
  • ASP会议对学生来说是强制性的吗?

    有时. 在一年的过程中, a student’s team may determine that ASP meetings are necessary for a period of time. These students are then required to attend all scheduled meetings. If they miss a meeting with their 学习专业, it is deemed a class absence.
  • 如何将学生与学习专家匹配起来?

    The student’s academic needs are considered when matching them with a specialist. 我们也考虑专家和学生的时间表.
  • 谁是学术支持小组的成员?

    Bill Sistare,研究主任(目前休假)
    凯利 柯蒂斯, 学习专业 and 住宿协调员 

    Your student’s advisor and classroom teachers are also included in any communication that comes from the ASP office.
  • 什么是残疾,需要住宿?

    根据美国残疾人法案, a disability is an impairment that substantially limits a major life activity. Individuals with disabilities have certain protections and the right to reasonable accommodations that will permit equal access to 项目 and services. 要访问这些权利, an individual must furnish documentation or other information that demonstrates that the disability substantially limits a major life activity and supports the need for a reasonable accommodation.
  • What documentation is needed to show evidence of a disability and the need for accommodations at Westminster?

    Documentation may vary depending on the nature of the disability. 通常, 这包括一份完整且最新的相关测试副本, 评价, 或者是残疾诊断. 它也可能包括先前的IEP或Section 504计划的副本. 在大多数情况下, a doctor’s note with a diagnosis can start the accommodations process, but is insufficient in itself to adequately determine a student’s needs, and further documentation such as a formal educational 评价 or assessment will also be needed. All information must be current and formal 评价s should have been conducted within the last three years.
  • Does Westminster evaluate students for or diagnose students with disabilities?

    我们没有. We can provide a list of outside evaluators in the Simsbury area who do academic testing. We also have a local independent Neuropsychologist who comes to the school for testing and offers Westminster students a discounted rate.
  • What are the accommodations that have generally been made at  Westminster?

    Decisions regarding accommodations are made on an individual basis. Below is a list of accommodations that have been determined to be reasonable for qualifying students:

    • 延长时间- 50% 
    • 优先座位 
    • 使用电脑进行课堂写作和评估
    • 使用计算器 
    • Use of audiobooks, digital text, and/or text-to-speech software to access information 
    • 当不能使用拼写检查时,不会对拼写错误进行处罚, except when the correct spelling is an essential element of the exercise, 比如外语学习 
    • 世界语言豁免书(经教务处批准)
  • 什么情况下住宿会被视为不合理?

    A reasonable accommodation is one that does not fundamentally alter the nature of our 项目 and expectations or create an undue burden. 鉴于我们学术课程的性质, 我们不会修改我们的课程或放弃要求, with the exception of foreign language requirements when appropriate.
  • How is information about my child’s learning difference shared with members of their team?

    Our 住宿协调员 will read through your student’s educational records and create a Westminster Academic Plan that details their accommodations. This plan will be shared with your student’s advisor and teachers via email or shared on a private server. The confidential educational report will remain in the 学术支持 Office. Teachers always have an opportunity to meet with our 学习专业 if they have any specific questions about how your child learns. 

    The Westminster Academic Plan can also be used in the application process for SATs and ACTs for students seeking testing accommodations. We will also provide that documentation to your student’s future college if requested.
  • Who is responsible for providing the accommodations in the classroom?

    Our classroom teachers will provide approved accommodations for your student, but it is very important for your student to advocate for themselves. They should reach out to the classroom teacher at the beginning of the year and discuss the best way to use their accommodation in the classroom.

    Students should give their teachers a 24-hour notice if they would like to use their accommodation for an extended time for an in-class assessment. 在必要的时候, Westminster’s 学术支持 team will assist instructors and students in the provision of accommodations. Accommodations may be reviewed periodically as the impact of a disability and students’ needs may change during their time at Westminster.
  • 任课老师会提供额外的帮助吗?

    是的, our classroom teachers will offer extra help outside of class on an individual or group basis during common free time. Students need to advocate for themselves for support early to avoid falling behind. 

    Each teacher schedules their time differently; some offer “breakfast club” in the dining hall before school, 安排好他们晚上值班的时间, 或者在共同的自由街区与学生见面.
  • 如果需要额外的帮助怎么办?

    We have a robust peer tutoring program (Martlets Educating Martlets) here on campus. Students should contact the 学术支持 office to be matched up with one of our amazing peer tutors. 

    We also have a list of experienced professional outside tutors that we can provide to families. These tutors work independently from Westminster; they have an hourly fee and handle their own schedules. Most of our professional tutors meet with students here on campus during a mutual free block, 还有一些是完全在线的.



  • 凯利·柯蒂斯摄

    凯利 柯蒂斯 

    学习支援主任, 住宿协调员, Program Coordinator and 学习专业 for 威斯敏斯特的地平线
    (860) 408-3059
  • 玛雅·利特的照片

    玛雅 Leete 

    (860) 408-3004
  • 贝琪·赫克曼摄

    贝琪 赫克曼 

    (860) 408-3746
  • 威拉德 Sistare的照片

    威拉德 Sistare 

    (860) 408-3003



P. (860) 408-3000
F. (860) 408 3001
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